What clothes to prefer for a newborn baby?

Many new parents face the dilemma what kind of clothes should a newborn baby wear. As an experienced parent we can recommend some things!

For a newborn baby, use bodysuits which has front snap fastener. The tiny head and neck are still so delicate that the over-pulled bodysuits are uncomfortable to use. The trousers should not be with tight rubber edge. There could also be a onesie in the baby’s wardrobe, as little ones tend to get cold feet, especially during night time. These are principles that Helg had in mind when preparing the clothes.

Why you should choose the Helg brand:

1) We use only Oeko-Tex fabric that is safe for babies;

2) practicality and beauty in one product;

3) European quality with reasonable price.

Is comfort, beauty, practicality or all three conditions important?

The HELG clothing brand offers new baby clothes that meet the above three conditions.

1) comfortable to put on baby;

2) the colors and patterns are beautiful;

3) practical garment: the lower part of the body (with double studs), trousers and body with long sleeves can be folded back so that the product has a longer life.

From Helg you will find clothes for both a boy and a girl. Size from 44 to 86cm.

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