Why and how to use a baby blanket?

Baby blankets have many features. Blankets can be used both at home and outside the home.

For example, double layered blankets are suitable for covering a child in a bed, stroller, or car seat. It is also good to put a double layer blanket down during a diaper change or simply on a lawn for resting.

A single layer blanket can also be used to cover the child, but it is also very convenient to wrap the child. Although the child’s wrapping may remind some of the Soviet-style wrapping of children, so this method is not obsolete today. Several studies claim that wrapping child in a blanket helps the baby to sleep better. Wrapping the blanket reminds the baby of the world’s safest place and it has a calming effect. Strong, but gentle wrapping gives the same feeling of security like a mother’s womb, which in turn is a prerequisite for sweet sleep. The wrapping also helps to avoid the so-called Moro reflex when the newborn baby shakes his hands and feet and awakens himself.

Helg produces her blankets from soft cotton eco-tex.

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