Our story

I am a mother of two beautiful children. Becoming a mother is a wonderful event and I believe that all women want to feel beautiful and confident for such an occasion. I had trouble finding suitable maternity clothes after I had had my baby. Sewing is a hobby of mine and following some practice of sewing for myself, I decided to create a completely separate line of clothes for new mothers. I wanted other women to be able to take pride of their new role and wear comfortable and high-quality maternity clothing. Whilst developing cut patterns, it became evident that quite a lot of fabric is left over from women’s clothing. This, however, seriously contradicted my desire to be environmentally friendly. I put my thinking cap on and decided that the best way would be to use the leftover fabric for making babywear and accessories. This is how the Helg range of products was born – functional and contemporary harmonising clothes and accessories. Our products are made for a wonderful mother and her special baby because our lives are brighter together!


Evelyn Müürsepp


About the brand

The word ‘helg’ means ‘holy’ in Nordic countries. Since our brand focuses on the birth of a child, ‘helg’ in the meaning of holy seemed like the perfect word for signifying this wonderful, bright and holy moment in a woman’s life.

Helg logo is a heart that is composed of the silhouettes of a mother and child – embracing love and a sense of belonging together.

My dear woman, I wish you a wonderful journey of growing together with your child and I hope you enjoy motherhood to the fullest!

Our values

Safety – we only use fabric that is safe to wear in babies (Oeko-Tex certified).

Convenience – we use soft (mainly cotton) material that is breathable and stretchy and easy to wear.

Ethics – we design and manufacture all products in Estonia, we follow the well-being of both people and nature.

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