Reasons to buy


Breastfeeding is considerably more comfortable and faster when it is carried out in special clothing – using a nursing bra, nursing blouse or a nursing dress. Breastfeeding in nursing clothes is more secure and delicate – there is no need for exposing your back or your stomach for feeding your child. This comes especially handy when you are in a public space or there is the danger that you might get cold. It is often the case that a new mother puts the needs of her child first but keep in mind that your baby is happier and more satisfied when you feel well and nursing is comfortable for you.

Extended period of use

Several of our products have been designed so that they could also be used after you have finished nursing. Even more so, a number of baby bodysuits and trousers can be used for longer – meaning that bodysuits have two rows of push buttons at the crotch and trousers have ribbed hems that can be folded back.

High-quality fabrics

Only high-quality fabrics are good enough for the sensitive skin of a nursing mother or the tender skin of a newborn child. Our main material is cotton with a touch of elastane to make sure that the fabric would be stretchy enough. Some products are made of a soft modal blend and some fabrics contain some lycra to ensure stretchiness and avoid wrinkling. We only use fabrics that have been made in the EU and have been Oeko-tex certified. This shows that the fabric has been produced under strict surveillance and it is safe to use for babies.

Designed and manufactured in Estonia

All Helg products have been designed and manufactured in Estonia. This is how we guarantee the considerably higher quality of our products and assure that our products are made ethically and fairly. The body type of our people serves as the basis for our designs, therefore our clothes fit better. When you care about the well-being of people and our environment, you probably know that there are clothes with different prices and of different quality available online. However, such clothes are often made in Asia where the quality of products or the workers’ well-being are not considered important.

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