Pink/brown children’s tunic and leggings set Flamingo


This cute set of pink/brown children’s tunics and leggings is suitable for both kindergarten and more festive events. The tunic is made of a looped dress fabric, which gives the child the necessary warmth even if he does not want to put anything else under it. The leggings are made of thinner knitted fabric and are not too hot for the child. The children’s set of trousers does not have a rib at the bottom and there is rubber in the middle. It is better suited for a child who no longer wears diapers and whose body shape is therefore slimmer. The tunic sats cover the butt nicely, without being too long and hindering for the child.

Leggings must be considered thin. If a child loves to play on the knees, it is wise to put knee pads on them after a while so that holes do not get into the knees.

Products can also be purchased separately. For example, this tunic can be worn with more sturdy jeans or other trousers that suit you. However, pink retouches can be combined with our bird-patterned products, such as tunic.

All Helg products are made here in Estonia by lovely local seamstresses!


The pink/brown children’s tunic and leggings set is an ideal choice all year round!

The product is designed and sewn in Estonia, the fabric is produced in the European Union and contains 92% cotton and 8% elastane. The fabric and label printing are Oeko-Tex certified, which means that it is safe to use for babies as well.

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg

The product should be washed at 30 degrees in the washing machine, but no bleach should be used and should not be dried in the dryer. The product may be subjected to chemical cleaning, but detergents containing trichlorethylene must be avoided. Use low heat for ironing.


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