Black merino underwear trousers Wooly Color (ribs of different colors)


These black merino underwear trousers Wooly Color have a comfortable rubber in the middle, which does not line the child but keeps the trousers firmly up. The trousers have long ribs that can be turned back at the beginning if necessary. This way you can wear the trousers for a longer time and save money! You can now choose a ribbed color as a news additon. Do you and your child like fuchsia, dark gray, mustard or plain black? Now you can choose!

It is a medium-thick merino fabric that does not swell. The product is designed both for underwear under outdoor clothes or for being in the room. If the child also wants to play with them indoors, we recommend putting our knee pads on their knees, because then the knees of the trousers do not wear out so quickly and it is also more comfortable for the child to play on the knees.

Merino underwear is very good to put on the child under both spring/autumn and winter customs, because it helps to prevent sweating, while providing the child with a pleasant warmth.

Merino is also considered antibacterial and it is stated that this fabric is less soiled due to its natural properties. Therefore, it needs to be washed less. However, if washing is required, we will definitely emphasize that merino wool products must always be washed with a wool program, otherwise they may shrink in the laundry and the product will lose its appearance. Also, the wool should not be ironed with a hot iron!

At the same time, merino has many positive properties, among other things, our merino wool is 100% natural and soft material and is therefore ideal for babies and toddlers. The ecological footprint of the villa is also small.


The black merino underwear trousers Wooly Color is the perfect choice from autumn to spring!

A separate blouse and a set of blouses and trousers are also available.

The product has been designed and manufactured in Estonia, the fabric has been manufactured in the EU and contains 100% merino wool. The fabric and labels have been Oeko-Tex certified, meaning that it is safe for babies.

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg

The product should be washed at 30 degrees in the washing machine, but no bleach should be used and should not be dried in the dryer. The product may be subjected to chemical cleaning, but detergents containing trichlorethylene must be avoided. Use low heat for ironing.


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