Pink children’s leggings Loore



These simple but comfortable leggings Loore have a wide soft rubber that does not groove the baby. Our leggings are good to wear with our tunics or sweatshirts. The leggings are ideal for kindergarten, shopping or even a birthday party.

Choose the material according to the purpose. For example, these pink tights are made of thin, slightly transparent material and are especially suitable for wearing under a dress for those children who do not like ordinary tights. Pink leggings with birds are also thin, but still made of more sturdy material and do not stand out. They can also be worn with a short shirt. However, our gray leggings are made of thicker ribbed material, successfully replacing sweatpants.

Be sure to check out our kits, where we give recommendations on which products to wear with these leggings!

All our products are sewn with care and love right here in Estonia by our own seamstresses!

Toote kirjeldus

Pink leggings are made of durable but soft and stretchy material!

Adjustable rubber at the waist!

Our fabric is of high quality and completely safe to use even for babies. The thin cotton contains 95% cotton and 5% elastane and is Oeko-Tex certified.

Additional information

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The product should be washed at 30 degrees in the washing machine, but no bleach should be used and should not be dried in the dryer. The product may be subjected to chemical cleaning, but detergents containing trichlorethylene must be avoided. Use low heat for ironing.


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