Children’s T-Shirt Wings (Floral)


Life is a flower! Floral angel wings and details on the children’s T-shirt in their wonderful colors create such a great joy in the heart that even the most cloudy day will be full of alertness! Your little angel is even more angelic now. The soft fabric T-shirt is suitable to illustrate a party and everyday life, going to a photographer or just being beautiful.

The angel wings on the back are so thin that nothing interferes with the sweet heavenly softness of sleep. The wings also fit under a sweater. The sleeves of the T-shirt are slightly puffy, so that the airiness helps to inspire to fly, and lightness is added if you want to jump into the air with great joy.


The floral fabric is an original design of Wings by Palms Art and is only used in the production of Helg clothes.

The white fabric is GOTS-certified cotton (GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard) and the printing of the labels is Oeko-Tex certified, which means that the products are completely safe for babies.

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg

The product should be washed at 30 degrees in the washing machine, but no bleach should be used and should not be dried in the dryer. The product may be subjected to chemical cleaning, but detergents containing trichlorethylene must be avoided. Use low heat for ironing.


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